バートランド・ラッセルの英語 | 英単語・熟語篇 - Bertrand Russell's Vocabularies

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abduct aberration abhor abide abject abominable aborigine abort abound abrupt absolutely absorb abstain absurd abuse abyss 

accede accession acclaim accommodate accompany accord account accrue accumulate accuse acquaintance acquiesce acquit acute 

adapt addict adhere adjoining  adjust adolescence administer adultery advantage advent adverse advocate 


affection affinity affirmative afflict affluent afresh 

agent aggravate agitate agony 

alien allay allege allegory alleviate allot ally allowance alteration alternative altruistic 

amalgamate amass ambiguous ambivalent amend amiable amid amount ample 

anarchy ancestral anecdote anguish angular annex annihilate annoy 
antarctic antagonism 
antecedent anticipate antidote antipathy antiquated antithesis 

apathy appalling apparent appease appetite applaud apply appraise apprehend appreciate aptitude 

arbitrary archaic arctic ardent arduous argue armistice arouse arrest arrogant articulate artificial 

ascendancy ascertain ascetic ascribe aspire assail assassination assault assent assert assess asset assign assimilate assume assured astonish astronomer astute asylum asymmetry (asymmetrical) 

atheist attentive attorney attract 

augment austere authentic authority autocracy autonomous

avail avenge avert 

awe awkward  


aye (ay)

 || (番外) asinine

according as account for act upon [on] add to akin to all but all of a sudden all the more all the same all too allow for allude to and the like anything but apart from apply for arms race as (A) as any (B) as (A) as ever as a rule as far as (A) be concerned as for as it is as it were as opposed to as such as the case may be as yet associate with at a loss at all cost at fault at issue  at large at length at once at one's disposal at one's wits' end at stake at the mercy of at will attend to

bachelor badly off baffle balance balk (baulk) ban bane banish bankrupt  banner barbarian barbed bare barely barren barrier 

bear bedrock befall belligerent beloved benefit benevolence beseech beset besiege bestow bet betray beverage 

bill birthright bishop bizarre 

blackmail blame blast bliss blockade bloom blossom blunder 

boast bondage boon boredom bother bout bow bowels 

breach breakdown breed brew bribe broaden brood bruise brute 

bulk bully bunch burden bureaucracy burglar  bury bustle butcher bystander 

  || (番外) Bolshevik

be attached to  be beneath one's dignity  be bent on [upon]  be bound to be common to be comparable to [with] be confronted with be content with  be devoid of be done with [be] due to  be endowed with  be engaged to be equal to  be familiar to be hard up 
be indignant at  be instrumental in  be lost in  be obliged to be possessed by be prone to be subject to be sure to / be certain to be tired of be to do be weary of be well off become of behind one's back (a) bird's-eye-view bring about bring back bring home to bring oneself to [do] bring up bump into but for by far 
by nature by oneself

calculus cancer candid cane canon capable captivity cardinal carefree caricature carriage carve cast catastrophe cause caustic caution 

celebrate celebrity celestial celibacy census certain certify 

challenge chaotic charge chase chaste cheat cherish chill choke christen chronicle chuckle 

circulate circumstances circumvent civic 

claim clap clarity class clause clench cling clinical clumsy 

coarse coax coerce coexist cognate cognitive coherent coincidence 
collaborate collapse colleague collective collision
commandment commemorate commend commit commodity commonplace communism commute compartment compassion compatible compel compensate competence compile compliment compound comprehensive compress comprise compromise compulsory comrade concealment concede conceit conceive conciliate concoct concur condemn condition conditional condone confer confidence confine confirm  confiscate conform confound confront congenial congenital conscience consent conservative considerate consistency consolation console consolidate conspicuous conspiracy constellation constitute constitutional constraint consummate contagious contemplation contend context contingency continuance contract contradiction controversy convene convention conventional converge conversely convert convict convince  coordinate core corporal corps corruption cosmic cosy [cozy] counsel counteract counterpart courtesy courtship 

craft cram crank crave credit creed creep  crest cripple criterion critical crucial crude crumble crusade 

culmination cult cunning curb cure curiosity currency curse curtail

cynicism ||
(番外) Christian

call for call off call upon (on) ~ to (for)  can afford (to) cannot possibly (could not possibly) care about care for carry away carry off carry on carry out carry over catch up with cater to close by come about come accross come by come down to come from come into being (existence) come of age come to life come true consist in consist of cope with correspond to correspond with count for count on cut a figure 

damn dazzle

deal debase debilitate deceased  decipher  deceive decent decisive decline decorate deduct deed deem defect defence (defense) deference deficient defy degenerate degrade delegate deliberatedelusion demolish denote depict deplore deport  depose depreciate depressed deprive derelict derision derive description desert designate desolate despot destined destitute detach detect deter deteriorate detest devastate deviation device devolve dexterity 

diagnosis dictate dictum differentiate diffuse dignity diligent dim dip diplomatic

disapprove disarmament discard discern discharge disciple discipline discomfort discontinue discourage discourse discredit discreet discriminate disgrace disguise disgust disintegrate disinterested dismal dismay dismiss disorder dispatch dispel dispense disperse displace disposition disregard disrupt dissect  disseminate dissent dissertation dissipation dissociation dissolve distil distort distract distress diverge diversify diversity divert dividend divine dizzy 

doctrine domain domestic domesticate dominate doom dose downfall 

drab drag drain drawback dread dreary dripping drought drown drudgery 

dual dubious due durable 



|| (番外) diabolic

dawn on (upon) day in and day out (day in, day out) decide on die down die hard die out differ in dispense with distinguish A from B 
do away with do more harm than good do well to (do well not to) do with do without draw up dwell upon (on)


eccentric eclipse 


efficacy efficient 


elaborate electorate elevate elicit ellipse eloquent elucidate elude

emancipate embargo embarrass
embed embody embrace emigrate eminence emit emphatic empirical empower empress emulate 

enact enchant enclose encounter endanger endemic endorse endow enforce engage engrave engulf enhance enjoin enlighten enlist enmity enrage enrich ensue entail entangle entitle enunciate envelop envisage envy 


equalize equilibrium 

eradicate erect err eruption 

eschew espouse estate esteem estimation 



evacuate evade evaporate evening evidence (evidences) evoke evolve 

exact exalt exasperate exceed excel exclaim exclusive excursion exemplify exempt exert exhibit exhilarate exhort exile exodus (Exodus) expedient expedition expel explicit exploit expose exposition expressly exquisite extinguish exult 

 || (番外) erroneous

[the] ebb and flow embark on en masse enter into entrust ~ to (with) equip ~ with ~ ever so / ever such except for explain away expose (A) to (B) extract (A) from (B)

fable facade facilitate faction faculty fairness fallacy famine fanaticism fanciful fascinate fasten fastidious fasting fatherhood fatigue faulty 

feasible feast feat feature feeble ferocity fertile fervour (fervor) fetch fetus = foetus 

fidelity fierce filthy finite 

flattering flavour [flavor] flaw flee flicker flock flora fluctuate 

fodder fold folly fondle footpath foresee foresight foretell forge forgo formidable formulate fortify foster foul 

fraction fragile fragment frame franctic fraud frenzy frequency fret friction frosty frown frustrate 

fuel function fundamental funeral furnishing(s) fury futile

|| (番外) foolish

fade away fail in fall a prey (victim) fall apart fall back upon fall down fall into place fall off fall on fall short off find fault with first and foremost fit (A) into (B) flatter oneself follow out follow suit for all for (all) practical purposes for fear (that) ~ may for fear of for good or evil for one thing for oneself for the life of one for the time being for (from) want of (a) frame of mind (be) free from (be) free of fresh from from within from without

gallant garment gasp gaze 

generality generation generosity genesis geology germ 

gifted given

glamour (glamor) glare glee glide glimpse global glow glut 

gospel governor 

grace grain grant grasp gratify grave gravity greet gregarious grievance grim grin gross ground growl 

guarantee guarantee (その2) guardian guilt 


|| (番外) greedy

gain ground get ahead of get at get back get on get over get rid of get stuck in get the better of get through give away give rise to give way go about go astray go away go on with go out of one's way (to) go so far as to go through go too far grow up 

habitual hail hallmark hallucination halt halve hamper handiwork hardship hare harsh hatch haughty haunt 

hearten hedge heal heap heartless heave heed heighten heir hemisphere hence herd heredity heretic heritage heterogeneous heterosexual 

hierarchy hilarious  hinder 

hoard holy homage homely homicide homogeneous honesty hospitality hostage hostility household howl 

huddle humane humanity humble humbug humdrum humiliate hush 

hygiene hypocrisy hypothesis hysteria

  || (番外) holy

hand down hand on hand out hand over hang about (around) hard of hearing have a bearing on have a high [good] opinion of have an eye on have done with hear from hit upon (on)
hold one's tongue hold out

idealistic identical ideology idle


illicit illiterate 

imbue immerse immemorial imminent immortal immune impair impart impartial impeccable impede impel impending imperative imperialist implant implement implication implicit imply impoverish impunity  

inaugurate incentive incident incite incompetent incorporate incubation incur indebted indecision independent indicate indict indigestion indignant induce induction indulge inertia infallible infection infidelity infinity inflame inflict infringement infuriate ingenious ingenuous ingratitude ingredient inhabitant inherent inherit initial inject injurious injustice inland inn innate innovation inquisitive insane insatiable insolent insomnia inspect instigate instil insular insult insurance insurrection intact integrate integrity intelligence intense intentional interact intercourse interfere interlude intermediary intermit intrerpose interrupt intervene intoxication intrigue intrinsic introductory introspective intrude intuition invalid invert invest invincible involve invoke involuntary 

irksome irony irrevocable irrigation 


 || (番外) ignorant

I dare say (I daresay) idenfify A with B if any if anything if not if only in a row in a word in advance in all likelihood in charge of in comparison with in defiance of in due course in [good (real)] earnest in effect in honor [honour] of in one's company in oneself in person in place of (in one's place) in proportion as in public in retrospect in return for / in return in search of in short in so doing in store for in succession in terms of in that in the air in the course of in the dead of in the face of in the interest(s) of in the light of in the long run in the matter of in the meantime in the middle of in the name of  in the presence of in the way of / in one's way in turn in view of inquire into interfere in  it follows that



judicial judicious jury justice justify juvenile

 || (番外) jolly

just so


kindergarten kindle kindred kinship kitten 


 || (番外) knowledge

keep ~ at a distance (keep one's distance)  keep (hold) ~ at bay keep (oneself) to oneself keep ~ out keep an eye on keep down keep in touch with keep pace with keep up with kill time know (A) from (B) know better (than to) know of know the ropes

lag lament landlord lapse latitude laudable laughable launch lava lawless lawsuit lax layer layman 

lean leaning leap legacy legal legend legislation legitimate leisurely lengthy  lessen lesson lethargic levy 

liable libel liberal lightning limb linger liquidate literally livelihood 

loathe lofty longevity longing loom lot love 

lucrative lump lunatic lure lust luxury 

 || (番外) liberty

lean against learn by heart leave behind lest ~ should let alone lie awake lie in lie on one's face (back, side) live on live up to live with long for (after) look ~ in the face look after look into look out for look to (A) for (B)  look up lose sight of 

machinery magnify maintain majesty malady malevolent malice malign mammal manage manhood manifold manipulate marginal marital maritime martial martyr  masculine massacre material maternal matrimony mature maxim 

meagre (AmE. meager) meanness meanwhile measure mediate mediocre meditate menace mercy merge mess metaphor meteor methodical metropolis 

midday midnight midwife milieu millennium mingle minister minute misery misleading misplace mistress mitigate 

mob mobile mock moderate modern modify molecule monarchy monetary monogrph monopoly monotonous morbid mortal mortify motherhood motivate mould mount 

multiply  mumble mundane municipal mute mutual 


 || (番外) mystery

make a differnce; make no difference make a fuss make a point of *ing make believe (make-believe) make (both) ends meet make for make fun of make much of make one's way make out make the most (best) of make up for make up one's mind may as well  may well  means and ends / means to an end meet with   melt away   mistake A for B more often than not much less (not A, much less)

nag naive narrative narrowly nasty nation nationality 
naturalist nature naughty 

neat necessitate negative  negligible  negotiate nephew nerve 


nominal nominate norm notation notice notion notorious 
nourish novelty 

nuance nucleus nuisance null nursery nurture nutrition

|| (番外) nincompoop

natural selection next door to (in) nine (cases, times) out of ten
no better than no less ~ than no less than no man's land no more ~ than no more than not A because B not altogether not more than not so much ~ as now ... now [every] now and then now [that]


obedience obituary objectionable oblige obliterate oblivion oblivious obscene obscure observe obsess obsolete obstacle obstruct 

occasion occupation occurrence 


offend offset offshoot  offspring 

omniscient onlooker 


opponent oppress optic 

orbit ordeal orderly organic originate ornament orphan orthodoxy 

oscillation ostracize 


oust outburst outcast outcry outgrow outlet outlook outrage outset outweigh 

ovation overcrowd overdo overhaul overhear overpower override overshadow overstate overtake overwhelm

 || (番外)  objective

of a Sunday (of an evening) of necessity of one's own accord (of its own accord) of the day  on behalf of on duty + off duty on end on good terms with on occasion on the air on the contrary on the market on the off chance on the part of on the point of -ing [(あるいは)名詞] on the spot on the verge of once (and) for all only too (... to) or rather other than out of hand out of order over and above 

pact pagan palatable pant paralyse paramount parasite parenthesis parochial parody parrot partial particle partisanship passage passion pastoral paternal pathetic pathological patriotism patronize pave 

peck peculiar pedestrian peer penetrate pension pep perennial peril periodic perplex perplexity persist perspective pervert petty 

phantom philanthropy physiology 

pierce pile pilgrim pillar pin pious pirate 

plague plausible plead pledge plight plot plough (plow) pluck plunder plunge plutocracy 


poise poke polygamy pomp possessed posterity posthumous postpone postulate pour power 

practicable practical praiseworthy precarious precede precept precipitate precise preclude precocious predecessor predicate predict preference pregnant prehistoric prelude premature premise preoccupy preparatory prescribe prestige pretence (pretense) pretext prevailing prick priest priority probability probe process proclaim procure profane profess proficient profitable profound prolific prominent pronounce propagate propensity proper prophecy proposition prosecute prostitute prototype province provision proviso provoke prudent 

pseudonym psycho (psycho-analysis) 

puberty publicise (publicize) purge purify purport puzzling 

 || (番外) pedant

part from part with pass away pass by pass for pass over penny wise (and) pound foolish persuade oneself (of) pick out poetic justice point to point out prefer (A) to (B) the [a] Promised Land provide for provided [that] put ~ to flight pull oneself together 
put something/somebody first put the cart before the horse put up with


quaint quality quake quantitative quantum quarrelsome quarter quasi quote

 || (番外)  queer

racial radiant radical raid rail ramble ramify rampant rap rarity rascal rattle 

react reactionary readiness realistic realm rear reasonable reasoning reassure 
rebel rebut 
recall recapture recede receptive recipient reciprocal recite reckless reckon recollection reconcile recount rectangle rectify rectitude recur 
redeem redress reduce 
refine reflect refrain refuge refurbish refute 
regain regime regimen regulate regulator 
reign reinforce reiterate 
relation relic relieve relinquish relish reluctant 
remainder remedy reminiscence remnant  remorse 
render renounce renovate 
repay repeal repent replace replenish represent repress reproach reproductive reprove reptile repudiate repulse 

resemble resent reside resign respectability restore restrain resume  resurrect 
retain retard retiring retort retract retreat 
reveal revenue revere reverence revert revolutionize revulsion 

rhetoric rhyme 

ridiculous rigour ; rigor riot ripe ritual 

robust rot rouse royalty 

rub rudimentary rule rusty ruthless

 || (番外) rational

red tape refer to refrain from relieve (A) of (B) remain to be done (seen) resort to rest with result from result in return a verdict root out (a) rule of thumb rule out run about run across run out of run the risk of

sabotage sage salute salvage sanction sanctity sanctuary sanitary sarcastic satire savor (savour) 

scent sceptical scold scorn scramble scream screening scrupulous scrutiny sculpture 

secede seclude sect secular seemingly segregate self-contained self-righteous semblance seminary senator senile seniority sense sensual sentence serene sermon serpent servile settle sew 

shabby shallow shareholder shed sheer shirk shiver shore shortage shorthand shred shrewd shrink shudder shuffle 

sicken simulate simultaneous singular 


slap slaughter slay 

snatch sniff snobbery 

soar sob sober solemn solidarity solitude soothe sore sour sovereign 

spacious spare sparse specify specimen spectator sphere spontaneous 

stabilize stagnant stain stalk stammer stare startle static stationary statue stature statute steep stellar stem sterile stern stiff stigma stimulus sting strain strategy stray strenuous stride stringent strive stroll stubborn stuff 

subdivide subdue subjective sublime submit subordinate subscribe subsequent subside subsidiary subsist substance substantiate substitute subtle subversive succumb suck sue suffice suggest suicide sullen summon superficial supreb superfluous supersede supple supposedly suppress supremacy surge surgery surmount surname surpass surplus surrender suspect suspend 

swallow sway swear sweep swell swift 

symmetry symptom syntax synthesis

 || (番外) sacrifice

scratch one's head see eye to eye with see much of (little of; nothing of) see to it that seeing that serve to do set about set forth set in set off set out settle down to  shrug one's shoulders single out so far so much for so much so that so to speak something of speak out stand by stand for stand in need of stand out stand still stand up against stir up succeed in succeed to such and such / such-and-such such as it is / such as they are sum up (to sum up)

tact tame tangible entangle tariff taxation 

tear tease technical tedious telegram televise temper temporary tenant tentative terminate terrestrial testify  testimony 

thee theology thereby thesis threshold thrive thrust thwart 

timidity tiresome tissue 

toil tolerance toll torment totter 

trait tramp trample trance transact transcend transform transient transition transmit transparent traverse treachery tremble trespass tribe tribunal trifle troop trouble truth 

tuberculosis tumble turbulent 

twilight twitter twofold 


 || (番外) true

take ~ for granted take account of take advantage of take away ~ (from) take in take notice of take on take over take part in take precedence over take refuge take steps take the place of take the precaution of take to the chances are [that] the moment [that] the other way around (round) the struggle for existence the survival of the fittest think over threaten to to the contrary to the effect that trace A (back) to B true for (of)  true to life  turn away turn into turn out  turn to  turn over  turn up


unanimous unarmed uncanny unconscious uncontrolled undergo underlie undermine undertake undo undue uneasy unforeseen unicorn unilateral universal  unprecedented unpredictable unprofitable untenable untouched unveil

upheaval uphold upright uproar upset upstart 




 || (番外) unfair

under fire under way up and down up to 
upside down use up  used to

vague valid valuation vanish vanquish variable 

vegetation vehement vehicle velocity vengeance vent venture verbal verdict verge verify vest veto vex 

vice vicious villain vindicate violate virtually virulent 

vocation vogue void volatile vouch vow 

vulgar vulnerable

 || (番外) virtue

vice versa 

wander warfare warn warp warrant waver 

weep weighty welfare 

whatsoever whim whip whisper whitewash wholesome 

wicked wield witch withdraw wither withhold withstand witness wizard 

woe womb woo wooded worldly worship 

wreck wrench wrestle wretched wring

 || (番外) wisdom

 wait on wear out well off; well-off well-to-do what if what we call when it comes to wide of the mark witch hunt with all with interest with the result that without regard to [for] work on work out worth while would (had) sooner (A) than (B) wrapped up in
 || (番外) xenophobia


yearly yell 



(番外) youth

yield to
zest  || (番外) zeal
"自動詞 lie の過去形 lay と 他動詞 lay の現在形を混同しないこと
"for myself" と "bt myself"の意味・ニュアンス違い
"even if" と "even though"の意味・ニュアンス違い
"whereas" と "while"の意味・ニュアンスの違い
find, realise, recognise, notice の使い分け
propose, suggest, recommend, advise の使い分け
抽象名詞の使い分け - 共起する動詞と修飾語に注目
適切な前置詞を選ぶ in, on, at - 前置詞+名詞の連語に注目