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allude to [(暗に,それとなく)言及する]

* 『試験にでる英単語』p.163説明: al < to , lude = joke → 「〜にたわむれる → 冗談を言う → それとなく言う」(松下注:ちなみに, ludicrous は 「ばかげた,滑稽な」の意)
* allusion : 暗示

In French, if you wish to speak collectively of a hundred women and one male infant, the 'they' that alludes to them is masculine, as is reasonable; but under the reformed system a collection of a hundred men and one female infant will be feminine.
* masculine (adj.):男性の;男らしい;(文法)男性形
* feminine (adj.):女性の;女らしい;(文法)女性形


In his last years he spent much of his leisure in writing a book on philosophy, which he referred to disparagingly as his 'pie-dish' in allusion to an old man in a play who had only one talent, the making of pie-dishes, and only one ambition, to make a really good pie-dish before he died.
* disparagingly (adv.):見くびって;非難して
[彼は,晩年,余暇の多くを哲学に関する1冊の本を書くことに費やしたが,それを彼は,ある戯曲に出てくる一老人 −−パイ料理を作るしか能が無く,たった一つの野望というのが一度でよいから死ぬ前に本当においしいパイを作ることである老人−− にそれとなく言及し,要するに自分は,(自分の)「パイ料理」を作っている(にすぎない)のだ,と卑下して言っていた。

allude to a person's impoliteness
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She didn't mention Mr. Smith by name, but it was clear she was alluding to him.
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His statement was seen as an allusion to the recent drug-related killings.
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