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anecdote (n) [(特定の人・事件などにまつわる)逸話;隠れた事実]

* an = not , ec = out , dote = give || 一般に知られていない話
* anecdotage (n):逸話(類);昔話をしたがる老人,おしゃべり老人
As our tissues stiffen, our habits become more set: we go through the same motions every day (I am speaking as an old man) when we shave, when we brush our hair, or when we relate our favourite anecdote.

She used to relate the anecdote in after years with amusement, not realizing that she was responsible for a morbidness which had produced tragic results in her own children.

She stood up to speak, and started with a humorous anecdote.

Pete was telling them on anecdote about their mother.
[ 出典:Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, 3rd ed.]