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adhere (v) [執着する,固執する;付着(粘着)する,くっつく,(くっついて)離れない

* ad (to 〜に) + here (= stick) = 「〜に密着する」
* adherence (n):固執;忠実
* adhesive (adj.):粘着性の[adhesive tape 粘着テープ]
I do not myself adhere to either school, since the interconnection of economics and sex does not appear to me to show any clear primacy of the one over the other from the point of view of causal efficacy.

The general rule to which I adhere in determining to which requests for interviews to accede to is to refuse all those that show signs of being concerned with details of what is known as my 'private life' rather than my work and ideas.

But in the long run everybody will see that in a rapidly changing world wisdom cannot consist in mere adherence to tradition.

Some of the committee members adhere to the former proposal.

Most people adhere to the religion of their parents.
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They strictly adhere to the Christian doctrine and literally interpret what is written in the Bible.
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Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria adhere to the surface of the red cells. / She adheres to teaching methods she learned over 30 years ago.
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