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★ flora (n)【植物相,フローラ;植物誌;(大文字 Flora で女性の名前)フローラ】

* the flora of the Rocky Mountain ロッキー山脈の植物相
* floral (adj.):花の;花に似た;花柄の
* Flora (n):(ローマ神話の)花の女神
* fauna 動物相
... but Alexander only replied by sending him specimens of the flora of the Indus Valley, together with some elementary geographical information.
[しかし,アレクサンダー大王は,インダス渓谷(Indus Valley)の植物の標本を基本的な地理情報とともに手紙に同封し,アリストテレスに送るだけで返事とした。]

What peace, what calm, must have been his! But for humbler mortals these joys are impossible: they find the world unpredictable, and themselves quite unlike the flora and fauna of the Holy Land. .

The flora of this region is diverse thanks to the ample rainfall.
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the flora of chalk areas
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