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★ fetch (v)【(行って)取ってくる,持ってくる;(人を)連れてくる;(水・涙・血などを)出てこらせる;(呼気を)吐く】

* 主にイギリス英語で用いられる。米国では、犬に対する命令のように聞こえるので,人間に対しては余り使われない。
* feeble knowledge 貧しい知識
At a somewhat later date, during Sir Charles Dilke's very scandalous divorce case, she took the precaution of burning the newspapers every day, but I used to go to the Park gates to fetch them for her, and read every word of the divorce case before the papers reached her.

We described its whereabouts to the house boy and asked him to fetch it.

I had to get them to bring up my brush and comb and tooth-brush, because the Government objected to my fetching them myself.
[私は,自分の(洋服用)ブラシや櫛や歯ブラシを彼ら(T. S. エリオット夫妻)に持ってきてきてもらわなければならなかった。なぜかというと,私が自分で(ロンドンに行って)取ってくることを政府が反対したからである。」

Dogs seem genuinely happy when their owners praise them for fetching a ball.

Could you fetch me a towel from the bathroom?
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I trained my pomeranian to fetch a ball.
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Run and fetch the doctor!
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