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aborigine (n)[原住民,先住民,土着民 |(しばしば A~ でオーストラリアの原住民]

*『英単語の語源図鑑』p.227説明(一部修正):ab (~から) + origin(始まる)→ 「始めからいる者」
* aboriginal (adj.):土着の,もとからの | (n)(= aborigine) 複数の場合は通常 aborigines を使用
The Australian aborigines practise an exceedingly painful operation which very much diminishes male potency and restricts fertility in a marked degree.

The Government, I found, treated the Aborigines fairly well, but the police and the public treated them abominably. I was taken by a public official whose duty it was to look after Aborigines to see a village in which all the inhabitants were native Australians.

Many aboriginal people live in this area.

The aboriginal people or animals of a place are ones that have been there from the earliest known itmes or that were there before people or animals from other countires arrived.
 出典: Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learner's, new ed.