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adolescence (n) [思春期,青年期(13才から16才くらいまで);青春]

* adolescent (adj.) 青春期の,青年期の;十代の;若々しい;未熟な || (n) 青春期の人;若者
For all these reasons, to most young men and young women of exceptional merit adolescence is a time of great unhappiness.

The years of adolescence were to me very lonely and very unhappy. Both in the life of the emotions and in the life of the intellect, I was obliged to preserve an impenetrable secrecy towards my people.

An adult, and even an adolescent, ought not to be so overshadowed by either father or mother as to be unable to think or feel independently.
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The health campaign was aimed at adolescent smokers.

One feature of the adolescent transition is a spurt in physical development.
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When a boy reaches adolescence, he attempts to rebel against his parents.
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Some young people suddenly become self-conscious and tongue-tied in early adolescence.
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