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バートランド・ラッセル 英単語・熟語 r085

★ refrain (v)【控える;慎む】

* 同綴異義語: refrain(繰り返し)
* Please refrain from smoking 喫煙はご遠慮ください。

No tolerable parent could refrain from praising a child when it first walks and when it first says an intelligible word.

Whenever he fought the French he beat them, but he was always ready to refrain from fighting if the King of France made it worth his while.

For several weeks I felt that if I should happen to meet Asquith or Grey I should be unable to refrain from murder.

'Sweet lovely roses', were ever since a sort of refrain to all my thoughts of Colette.
[「香りがよく,可愛いバラ('Sweet lovely roses')」という言葉は,それ以来コレットのことを思う時にはいつも浮かんでくる,一種のリフレイン(常に思い出される文句)となった。]
You should refrain from using this rude expression.

The doctor asked the sick patient to refrain from smoking.
 出典:『キクタン super 12000 - 聞いて覚えるコーパス英単語』p617

He has refrained from criticising (criticizing) the public in public.
 出典:Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th ed.