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acquaintance (n) [知人,知り合い;面識;知っていること;知識]

* acquaint (v):(〜を〜に)知り合いにさせる
* get acquainted with 〜と知り合いになる
Now through education and the Press they know much in an abstract way about large classes of mankind of whom no single individual is among their acquaintance.

'Knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by Description' was also a paper read before the Aristotelian Society, and published in their Proceedings for 1910-1911.

It was in this club that I first became acquainted with H. G. Wells, of whom I had never heard until then. .
[私が初めて H.G.ウェルズ(Herbert George Wells, 1866-1946:)と知り合いになったのは,この会においてであり,その時まで一度も彼のことについて聞いたことはなかった。

Even when we live in large and populous cities, we still have only small circles of acquaintances.

She had plenty of acquaintances but few friends.
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I have no acquaintance with the subject. / This is how I got acquainted with him.
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His acquaintance with the Japanese language was slight.

We're already acquainted (with each other).
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