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★ masculine (adj.) [男(性)の;男らしい;(女が)男のような;]

In French, if you wish to s peak collectively of a hundred women and one male infant, the 'they' that alludes to them is masculine, as is reasonable; but under the reformed system a collection of a hundred men and one female infant will be feminine.

In the old days of masculine domination the matter was simple. Men took what they wanted, and women submitted. In this way half the human race was happy and half unhappy.

They thought that a little feminine tyranny would make men as virtuous as women and a little masculine training would make women as intelligent as men. With these hopes they proceeded to a heroic campaign for the emancipation of women.

Jessica's husband is tall and strong, and very masculine.

He has a rather masculine.
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'He' and 'him' are masculine pronouns.
[ 出典:Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th ed.]