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amend (v) [修正する,改正する]

* mend(修理する)と語源は同じ
* amendment (n):修正案,改正案;改善
Those who advocate any ethical innovation are invariably accused, like Socrates, of being corrupters of youth; nor is this accusation always wholly unfounded, even when in fact the new ethic which they preach would, if accepted in its entirety, lead to a better life than the old ethic which they seek to amend.

I shall then proceed to characterise the system now in vogue in Western civilisation, and finally to consider the respects in which this system should be amended and the grounds for hoping that such amendment will take place.

The defence lawyers had argued that 'Ethel Rosenberg's constitutional Fifth-Amendment rights had been violated during the trial, and that this had been fully established in a subsequent Supreme Court decision, known as the 'Grunewald' decision .
[弁護団は、「エセル・ローゼンバーグの」米国憲法修正第五条(注:同一の犯罪について重ねて刑事責任を問われない権利や黙秘権などを認めた修正条項)の権利がこの裁判中侵害された、またこの権利はグリューネワルト判決('Grunewald' decision)として知られているその後の最高裁判決において確立された、と論じた。]

amend the constitution
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The Senate will amend this article after the next election.
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Tour plan needs some amendment.
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