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★ first and foremost【何よりもまず,真っ先に】

Work, therefore, is desirable, first and foremost, as a preventive of boredom, for the boredom that a man feels when he is doing necessary though uninteresting work is as nothing in comparison with the boredom that he feels when he has nothing to do with his days. .

There is, first and foremost, sheer animal affection, and delight in watching what is charming in the ways of the young. .

The church's conception of righteousness is socially undesirable in various ways -- first and foremost in its depreciation of intelligence and science.

I admired first and foremost her ability, which was very great.
 出典:ラッセル『自伝』第1巻 第4章「婚約期間

He's witten many different kinds of books, but he's first and foremost a poet.
 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.