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★ foster【(v)(主に養子・孤児などを)養育する;促進する || (adj.) 里親の】

* a foster child 養子
* a foster mother 養母 * a foster parent 里親
There have been wars, oppressions and tortures which have been due to men's hostility to their fellow men. And there have been morbid miseries fostered by gloomy creeds, which have led men into profound inner discords that made all outward prosperity of no avail.

I think this is an entire delusion; fostered by those writers and clergymen who do not wish their specialties to be thought of little value.

It is, to my mind, one which ought to be fostered in schools.

In raising children, rules and boundaries can help foster good manners.

foster global cooperation
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The orphan was fostered by the wealthy man.
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We fostered the little girl for several months while her mother was in hospital.
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