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aspire [(v)(〜をしたいと)切望する,熱望する]

* ラテン語で「息を吹きかける」「大望を持つ」の意
* aspiration (n):強い願望
* aspirator (n):呼吸器;(医)吸引器
If there are among my readers any young men or women who aspire to become leaders of thought in their generation, I hope they will avoid certain errors into which I fell in youth for want of good advice.

He was a simple soul, but she had literary aspirations.

Having distinguished himself in war, he was thought to be aspiring to the tyranny.

Once, I spoke to a group of students who aspired to be journalists.

Tom aspired to be captain of the basketball team in his school.
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The girl aspired to become an opera singer.
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He aspired to a career as a doctor.
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He aspired after a political career. / She has aspirations to become a great writer.
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