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abrupt (adj.) [突然の;ぶっきらぼうな]

* ab(離れて)+ rupt(壊れて)→「自然な流れを壊すような」
* abruptly (adv.):突然,不意に;ぶっきらぼうに
* abode (n):(法)住所,住居
* abruption (n):突然
* an abrupt departure 突然の出発
The King, to avoid answering, abruptly changed the subject by asking me whether I knew who was the only man who had both the KG and the OM.
[王は,それに答えることを避け,突然話題を変え,そしてガーター勲章(KG:英国の最高位の勲位。Knight (Lady) of Order of Garter)とメリット勲章の両方を(現在)持っている唯一の人物を知っていますかと尋ねられた。]

Hundreds of years of proud traditions may come to an abrupt end.

The newborn are abruptly thrown into a babble of strange noises.
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Our relationship ended abruptly a few weeks ago.
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The meeting came to an abrupt end.
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