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awe [(v)畏怖させる || (n) 畏怖,畏敬(の念)]

* 尊敬と恐怖が入り混じった感情
* in awe of ~を畏れはばかって
* awful (adj.):恐ろしい,ひどい;すごい 【 awe + full 】
* awfully (adv.) すごく【thanks awfully どうもどうも】
* awesome (adj.):すごい,すばらしい
Then there was a French cook named Michaud, who was rather terrifying, but in spite of her awe-inspiring qualities I could not resist going to the kitchen to see the roast meat turning on the old-fashioned spit, and to steal lumps of salt, which I liked better than sugar, out of the salt box.

She was a lady who was treated almost with awe by all the family.

To be affectionately treated by his mother, or, if she was neglectful by his nurse, was the greatest pleasure of his life, and was only obtainable when he had not been known to sin against the moral code. He therefore came to associate something vaguely awful with any conduct of which his mother or nurse would disapprove.

I've just an awful nightmare.

The tourists were awed by the enormous pyramids.
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The sight filled us with awe. / He always stood in awe of father.
[ 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.]