バートランド・ラッセル 英単語・熟語 r100 - rehearse

★ rehearse【(vt) 下稽古する,本読みする,試演する;習熟させる;復唱する | (vi) 下稽古する】

* rehearsal (n):下稽古,リハーサル,本読み;暗唱
* rehearse an opera オペラを試演する


There seems no reason to doubt the most widely accepted theory, that in play the young of any species rehearse and practise the activities which they will have to perform in earnest later on. .

Everybody knows how Mrs Patrick Campbell, after being rehearsed by Bernard Shaw, exclaimed: ‘If he should ever eat a beefsteak, God help us.'
[パトリック・キャンベル夫人(Patrick Campbell, 1865-1940:英国の舞台女優)が,バーナード・ショー(注:菜食主義者)によるリハーサル後(下稽古をした後)に,「(菜食主義者でさえこうなんだから)あの人がビフテキを食べたならば,どうなったことでしょう。」と叫んだ、ということを皆知っている。]

His experienee of broadcasting was less than mine and so he was considerably surprised when the lady who represented the BBC asked us questions which she had not asked at our rehearsal, indeed which concerned subjects such as my private life.
[彼の放送番組出演経験は私よりも少なかった。それで彼は,BBC代表のその女性がリハーサルの時にはしなかった質問 -ありていに言えば,私の私生活のような主題に関する質問- を私たちにした時に,ひどく驚いた。]


The actors were rehearsing (the play) until 2 o'clock in the morning.
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We were given only two weeks to rehearse.
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A rehearsal of a play, dance, or piece of music is a pracitce of it in preparation for a performance.
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