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assault [(n) 急襲;(法)暴行;(婉曲)強姦 || (v) 急襲する;(法)暴行する;(婉曲)レイプする;激しく非難する]

The latter have two main departments: on the one hand the protection of females and non-adults from assault and from harmful exploitation, on the other hand the prevention of venereal disease.

This rather upset the officers in charge of the roughs, as they did not particularly wish to assault women.
[このことは −警官たちは,特に婦人たちを攻撃したいとは望んでいなかったので− 乱暴者の取り締りの責任のある警官たちはかなり狼狽した。

In England, certain crimes which are regarded as peculiarly odious can, when committed by men, be punished by flogging. Among such are living on the immoral earnings of women and assaults on women.

Hideo was assaulted by two robbers.

The army launched a major assault against the rebel town.
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A 16-year-old-schoolgirl was assaulted by a stranger on her way back home.
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They made an assault on (= an attempt to climb) Mount Everest.
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