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accord[(vi) 調和する,一致する | (vt) 与える,許容する || (n) 一致,調和;協定]

* in [out of] accord with ~と調和して(調和せず)
* of one's own accord 自発的に → 用例は該当項目参照
* accordance (n):一致,調和
* accordant (adj.):一致して(調和して)
* according (adv.):~に従って;~しだいで
From the standpoint of private morals, sexual ethics, if scientific and unsuperstitious, would accord the first place to eugenic considerations.

But as soon as the child can understand, he should realize that parents also have their rights, he must accord freedom to others, and have freedom for himself to the utmost possible extent. Children easily appreciate justice, and will readily accord to others what others accord to them.

It was reported, for example, in the New York Times of December 1, 1965, that 'the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva . . . complained again that the United States was violating an international accord on the treatment of prisoners. . .' .
[たとえば,1965年12月1日付のニューヨーク・タイムズにはこう報じられている ―「ジュネーヴにある赤十字国際委員会は,捕虜取扱いに関する国際協定を米国が侵犯していることを再び不満を述べた・・・」。]

A system which accords much power to the courtier or the wire-puller is, therefore, in general not a system likely to promote the general welfare.

The trouble arises from the generally received philosophy of life, according to which life is a contest, a competition, in which respect is to be accorded to the victor.
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What you have just said does not accord with what you told us yesterday.
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Our society accords the family great importance.
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