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autocracy (n) [独裁政治,専制政治;独裁国;独裁権]

* cracy = 支配, auto = 自らの → 「自分による支配」→「独裁(専制)【cf. democracy : demo = 民衆 → 民衆による支配 → 民主主義(民主制)】
* autocrat (n):独裁(専制)君主;独裁者
* autocratic (adj.):独裁の;独裁的な;横暴な

Some people attribute this failure to democracy, but - it seems to me to be more marked in autocracy than anywhere else.

This organisation had succeeded in ascertaining the secret plans of Authority to be put into force on the outbreak of war. Britain was to be divided into a number of regions, each with its own government, each with autocratic power, each composed of a pre-arranged corps of officials who were to live in supposed safety in underground.
[この組織は,戦争が勃発したとき実行される政府当局の秘密計画を突き止めることに成功していた。(それによると)英国は多くの地域に分けられ,各地域が独自の政府をもち,各政府が独裁的権力をもち,各政府は事前に手配された官公吏の一団−−彼等は地下の地方政府所在地(Regional Seats of Government)と呼ぶところで安全に生活すると想定されている。

Autocracy is government or control by one person who has complete power. / An Autocrat is a person in authority who has complete power. / The people have grown intolerant in recent weeks of the King's autocratic ways.
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