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applaud (v) [拍手喝采する;ほめそやす,称賛する]

* plaudit 喝采,拍手 + a (ap)(to, at, toward)→ applaud(拍手喝采する)
* applause (n):拍手喝采;(拍手による)称賛;是認
I remember in the course of a speech, saying: 'It is all nonsense to pretend the Germans are wicked', and to my surprise the whole room applauded.

Generally, I had the pleasant experience of being applauded on the very same remarks which had caused me to be ostracized on the earlier occasion.

The man (artist), on the other hand, to whom the desire for applause is the primary motive, has no force within himself urging him to a particular kind of expression, and could therefore just as well do work of some wholly different kind. Such a man, if he fails to win applause by his art, had better give it up.

The people who saw the scene burst into applause.

The band got a big round of applause at the end of the concert.
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The audience applauded the pianist's incredible performance.
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We all applauded the authority's decision not to close the hospital.
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