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★ dwell upon / dwell on [つくづく考える,くよくよ考える;詳しく説く]

I am persuaded that those who quite sincerely attribute their sorrows to their views about the universe are putting the cart before the horse: the truth is that they are unhappy for some reason of which they are not aware, and this unhappiness leads them to dwell upon the less agreeable characteristics of the world in which they live.

Most men, when they have thrown off superficially the superstitions of their childhood, think that there is no more to be done. They do not realise that these superstitions are still lurking underground. When a rational conviction has been arrived at, it is necessary to dwell upon it, to follow out its consequences, to search out in oneself whatever beliefs inconsistent with the new conviction might otherwise survive, and ...

The first deals with the general international policies of the Government, the second dwells upon its policies in regard, especially, to Vietnam and is, therefore, reprinted in my book War Crimes in Vietnam.
[最初のもの(注:公開演説)は,政府(注:労働党政府)の外交政策一般を取り扱っており,2番目のもの(公開演説)は,特にヴェトナム問題に関する政策について詳細に論じたものであり,それゆえ,後者は私の『ヴェトナムにおける戦争犯罪』(War Crimes in Vietnam,1967)に収録されている。

Don't dwell too much upon the subject. / He dwells upon his past failures.

Stop dwelling on your problems and do something about them. / The book dwells too much on the economic aspects of the problem.
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So you made a mistake, but there's no need to dwell on it.
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