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allege (v) [(根拠なく)言い張る,断言する,申し立てる]

* allegedly (adv.):(未確認情報だが)伝えられるところでは
* allegation (n):申し立て;主張
At my insistence, because there had been so many allegations as to what I had said and not said, a tape recording was taken of these meetings, a copy of which was sent to the CND offices for the chairman and the original of which I kept.

By 1963, I had become convinced of the justice of these allegations since it was clear that similar ones must be brought against the United States in Vietnam.

The alleged health benefits of hot springs have long been a major reason for their popularity.

The newspapers alleged that the police shot the suspect without warning.
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This is what they allege, but they are unlikely to be able to prove it.
[ 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.]