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★ homage【(n) 尊敬,敬意,(封建時代の)忠誠の誓い】

* 語源:フランス語のhommage(オマージュ)に由来する語で、日本でも「・・・は・・・に対するオマージュ(敬意をこめたもの)である」と言った使い方がされる。


Science is ready for either alternative ; the choice is between love and hate, though hate is disguised beneath all the fine phrases to which professional moralists do homage.

Unfounded beliefs are the homage which impulse pays to reason; and thus it is with the beliefs which, opposite but similar, make men here and in Germany believe it their duty to prosecute the war. .

And I regret to say that all too many professors of philosophy consider it their duty to be sycophants of common sense, and thus, doubtless unintentionally, to bow down in homage before the savage superstitions of cannibals.
[そうして多くの哲学の教授たちが皆,常識におべっかを使い(sycophants おべっか使い)、そうしておそらく意図せずして,カーニバルの野蛮な迷信の前に敬意を表してひざまずくことを自らの義務(責務)と考えていることは、悲しむぺきことである。]


pay homage to
 出典:『究極の英単語 Vol.4: 超上級の3000語』p.289

pay/do homage to someone
 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.

Homage is respect shown to someone or something you admire, or to a person in authority.
 出典:Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, new ed.