バートランド・ラッセル 英単語・熟語 m010

★ misery (n) [a condition of great unhappiness or great pain and suffering of body or mind/みじめさ,悲惨:苦しみ;(数々の)苦難,不幸]

* miserable (adj): very unhappy; very low in quality or very small in amount
* miser (n): a person who loves money and hates spending it, and often lives very poor conditions in order to become wealthy by storing all his money けちんぼう,けち(森一郎『試験にでる英単語-実証データで重大箇所ズバリ公開』p.51より:misery と同じ語源。「けちんぼう」は「悪いやつ」だから。/misery の mis- は mistake の mis- で,「誤り,悪い」の意。)
★ ラッセルは 'misery' という言葉が好きだったのか,ラッセルの著書には 'misery' という言葉がよくでてくる。試しに,google の検索エンジンを使って,「バートランド・ラッセル misery」で検索してみてください。たくさんひっかかるはずです。

It is difficult to resist Samuel Butler's view that the educators of former times took a pleasure in torturing children; otherwise it is hard to see how they can have persisted so long in inflicting useless misery.
['昔の教育者は子供を虐待することに喜びを見出した'というサミュエル・バトラー(Samuel Butler, 1835-1902:『エレホン(Erewhon)』が有名)の見方に抵抗することは困難である。そうでないとしたら,教育者たちがこれまで,いかにして非常に長い期間,無益な苦痛を子供たちに加え続けることができたのか,理解しがたい。

The subject of suicide is apt to be considered not on its merits but in relation to what is called the sacredness of human life. I find, however, that it is illegal to take this phrase seriously, since those who do so are compelled to condemn war. So long as war remains part of our institutions it is mere hypocrisy to invoke the sacredness of human life against those unfortunates whose misery leads them to attempts suicide.

When a child is unhappy, his whole horizon is bounded by his misery, and the earlier and later times of his own life become dim. As we grow older we become able to remember when we have the toothache that it will not last for ever.

Technological advance without social advance will lead only to an increase in human misery.

the unspeakable misery of their existence, kept in tiny cages with no light and little food.
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