バートランド・ラッセル 英単語・熟語 m004

★ malice [(n) 悪意,敵意,恨み]

* mali = bad
* malicious (a):悪意のある

The widespread interest in gossip is inspired, not by a love of knowledge but by malice: no one gossips about other people's secret virtues, but only about their secret vice.

The great majority, both of men and women, if they feel themselves unloved, sink into a timid despair relieved only by occasional gleams of envy and malice.

I have no malice for what you did.
 出典:Shogakukan Random House English-Japanese Dictionary, 1982]

He got no advantage out of it; he did it from pure malice.
[ 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.]

There was no malice on his part.
[ 出典:Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, 3rd ed.]

I bear no malice toward you for what you have done.
 出典:Kenkyusha's New College English-Japanese Dictionary, 6th ed.]