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★ formulate (v)【公式化する,(考えなどを)練り上げる;明確に述べる】

* formulation (n):公式化;組織だて
* formula (n):公式
* a chemical formula 化学式
There is a third condition, somewhat more difficult to formulate.

Our nominal morality has been formulated by priests and mentally enslaved women.

It had occurred to me that it might be possible to formulate a statement that a number of very well-known and respected scientists of both capitalist and communist ideologies would be willing to sign calling for further joint action.

Unfortunately it was in this decadent and morbid period that the Christian ethic was formulated

The previous weakening of the family in those social classes no doubt accounts for the fact that early Christianity was somewhat hostile to it, and formulated an ethic in which the place of the family was much less than in any previous ethic, except that of Buddhism.

He tried to formulate his ideas.
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Newton formulated the law of universal gravitation.
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He formulated his ideas about the amendment of the constituion.
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The government is trying to formulate a new policy on Northen Ireland.
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If you formulate a thought, opinion, or idea, you express it or describe it using particular words.
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