バートランド・ラッセル 英単語・熟語 d024

★ do well to ( do well not to ) [~するのが(~しないのが)賢明である

The radical cure for the troubles of the young lies in a change of public morals. In the meantime a young man does well to reflect that he will ultimately be in a position to marry, and that he will be unwise if he lives in such a way as to make a happy marriage impossible, which may easily happen through frayed nerves and an acquired incapacity for the gentler pleasures.

If a man is a genius whom the age will not recognise, he is quite right to persist in his course in spite of lack of recognition. If, on the other hand, he is an untalented person puffed up with vanity, he will do well not to persist. There is no way of knowing to which of these two categories one belongs if one is afflicted with the impulse to produce unrecognised masterpieces. .

Have you, Sir Reader, met a really thoroughgoing feminist? In case you have not, you may do well to fortify yourself against the possibility of such an encounter in the future.
[男性読者諸君,あなた方はほんとうに徹底したフェミニスト(女権拡張論者)に会った経験があるだろうか? その経験がない場合には,将来そのような経験をする可能性にそなえて心の準備を十分しておくのが賢明だろう。

You did well to keep the secret. / You will did well to to leave him.

He would do well to concentrate more on his work.
[ 出典:Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th ed.]

You would do well to say nothing about it.
[ 出典:Kenkyusha's New College English-Japanese Dictionary, 6th ed.]