title>ラッセル英単語・熟語:A-140 appease なだめる;(争いを)静める;(怒りや悲しみを)和らげる;癒やす;(節を曲げて)譲歩する - Bertrand Russell のページ
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appease (v)[なだめる;(争いを)静める;(怒りや悲しみを)和らげる;癒やす;(節を曲げて)譲歩する]

* 相手の(しばしば不当な)要求に応じたり譲歩したりして静める
* appeasement (n):慰撫;鎮静;譲歩
Without these, while the physical hunger may be appeased for the moment, the mental hunger remains unabated, and no profound satisfaction can be obtained.

Wells’s hostility to the Webbs was expressed in several novels, and was never appeased.
[ウェルズ(H. G. Wells)のウェッブ夫妻に対する敵意は(ウェルズの)いくつかの小説に表現されており,決して和らげられることはなかった。]
 出典:ラッセル第1巻 第6章「H. G. ウェルズ

If an agreement making war improbable is to be reached, it will have to be by the friendly offices of neutrals, who can speak of the disastrousness of war without being accused of advocating a policy of 'appeasement'.

I tried to appease them by offering to replace the car with a brand new one.
 出典: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.

If you try to appease someone, you try to stop them from being angry by giving them what they want.
 出典: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.