{lang: 'ja'} ラッセル英単語:F-71 ( fortify 防備を固める,要塞化する;強めること;(パンなどの)ビタミンなとを加えて栄養価を高め雨 - Bertrand Russell のページ
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★ fortify (v)【要塞化する,防備を固める;(組織・構造を)強化する;(パンなどに)ビタミンなどを加えれ栄養価を高める】

* fortitude (n):不屈の精神
* fortification (n):築城(法/術);強めること
The Roman Empire learnt from the Persians, through the Macedonians, how to fortify the central government by means of roads. .

My tension mounted as we waited in an anteroom to be led to the Harcourt Room where the banquet was to take place and, again, stood at the door rather wistfully watching the Members fortify themselves with preprandial drinks.

On the contrary, when a man tortures himself he feels that it gives him a right to torture others, and inclines him to accept any system of dogma by which this right is fortified.

This breakfast cereal is fortified with vitamins.
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If you say that someone has shown fortitude, you admire them for being brave, calm, and uncomplaining when they have experienced something unpleasant or painful.
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