title>ラッセル英単語・熟語:A-142 administer 治める,監督する,経営する;(法律・聖餐式などを)執行する;仕える,執行する - Bertrand Russell のページ
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administer[(vt) 監督する,治める;執行する;(食物・薬などを)与える | (vi) 助けとなる;(法)遺産を管理する]

*『英単語の語源図鑑』p.24説明:ad (~の方へ) + minister(大臣)→ 「~の方向に向かって仕える
* administratin (n):経営,管理,運営,監督,支配;政治,行政;行政部;(主にアメリカ)政府,内閣;執行
* administrator (n):行政官;管理者;執行者
* administrative (adj.):運営管理上の,経営上の;行政上の
To a certain extent these facts are now recognized by all intelligent people who have to deal with the young; they have, however, not yet become known to the law and those who administer it, as is evident from the case quoted at the beginning of this chapter.

The world is full of injustice, and those who profit by injustice are in a position to administer rewards and punishments.

In the second place, blame should be given much more sparingly than praise ; it should be a definite punishment, administered for some unexpected lapse from good behaviour, and it should never be continued after it has produced its effect.

But teachers have little power; the power belongs to administrators. The administrators never see the children whose lives they control, and being of an administrative type (since otherwise they would not have obtained the posts they occupy), they are probably peculiarly apt to regard human being, not as ends in themselves, but as material for some kind of construction.
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The way for a man to secure the administration of woman is to distinguish himself in athletics or by a forceful personality or by an usually successful career.

Many students study business administration.

The Secretary of State administers foreign affairs.
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The personnel department administers benefit programs for employees.
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We are sick and tired of the Trump administration.

The company's finances have been badly admministered.
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The pension funds are administered by commercial banks.
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