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ardent (adj.) [燃えるような,熱烈な,熱心な]

* ardently (adv.):熱烈に
* ardour (ardor) (n):熱情,熱心
At the time when he read this paper he was still a freshman, and an ardent disciple of Lucretius.
[当時,彼はまだ新入生であり,ルクレティウス(Lucretius, 紀元前99年頃 - 紀元前55年/ローマ共和政期の詩人,哲学者)の熱心な信奉者であった。]

Alys had inherited from her mother an ardent belief in total abstinence, and was much elated to get this invitation.

Like the rest of my countrymen I have desired ardently the victory of the Allies.

Young children are interested in everything that they see and hear; the world is full of surprises to them, and they are perpetually engaged with ardour in the pursuit of knowledge, not, of course, of scholastic knowledge, but of the sort that consists in acquiring familiarity with the objects that attract their attention. .

Some ardent soccer fans caused trouble by fighting and breaking things.

He has been one of the most ardent supporters of the administration's policy.
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Her lack of enthusiasm dampened his ardour
 出典: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.