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annoy (v) [(いやなことで)うるさがらせる,いらだたせる,悩ます,怒らせる;困らせる]

* annoyance (n):うるさらがらせること;いらだち;困り事
* annoyed (adj.):いらいらした,怒った
* annoying (adj.):迷惑な,うるさい
* be annoyed at : 〜にいらだつ

It is commonly said that children do not distinguish between pretense and reality, but I see very little reason to believe this. We do not believe that Hamlet ever existed, but we should be annoyed by a man who kept reminding us of this while we were enjoying the play.

Every civilised man or woman has, I suppose, some picture of himself or herself and is annoyed when anything happens that seems to spoil this picture.

The only people willing to speak to us were Mischa Elman, the violinist, and his party. As everybody else on the ship wished to speak to him, they were considerably annoyed by the fact that he was always in our company.
[日本からの帰国の船上で)唯一進んで話しかけてくれたのは,ヴァイオリニストの ミッシャ・エルマン(Mikhail Saulovich 'Mischa' Elman, ミハイル・サウロヴィチ・"ミッシャ"・エルマン, 1891-1967.4.5: ウクライナ出身のヴァイオリニスト) とその一行(楽団)だけだった。船内のほかの誰もがエルマンに話しかけたがっていたので,彼がいつも私たち(ラッセルと愛人のドーラ)と一緒にいることで,皆かなりいらいらしていた。

If you are annoyed by their behavior, tell him.
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It annoyed me to think how much time we had wasted.
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Much to our annoyance, they decided not to come after all.
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