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anarchy (adj.) [無政府状態;無秩序;混乱]

* an (= without) + arch (= government) →「統治するものがない → 無政府状態」
* anarchism (n):無政府主義,アナーキズム
* anarchist (n):無政府主義者,アナーキスト
* anarchistic (adj.):無政府主義者のような

We met only one Japanese whom we really liked, a Miss Ito. She was young and beautiful, and lived with a well-known anarchist, by whom she had a son.

By temperament he was inclined to anarchism; he hated system and organisation and uniformity.

It happened, for example, between France and England in the fifteenth century when the Powers ceased to defend castles and came to depend upon moving armies with artillery. This put an end to the feudal anarchy which had until then been common.
* artillery (n):(集合的に)砲,大砲

The country had a long period of anarchy after the war.

The death of the king was followed by a year of anarchy.
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There was complete anarchy in the classroom when their usual teacher was away.
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