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acute (adj.) [鋭い;深刻な;(病気が)急性の;(痛みが)激しい;(数学)鋭角の]

* acutely (adv.):激しく
* acuteness (n):鋭さ,激しさ;重大性
If our table is 'really' rectangular, it will look, from almost all points of view, as if it had two acute angles and two obtuse angles.
* "IF~ = "Even if"

Whenever there is acute danger, the impulse of most people is to seek out Authority and submit to it.
[深刻な危険のある時には常に,大部分の人間の衝動は「権力」(注:大文字の Authority ここでは精神的権威ではなく,実際的な力を有した「権力」)を探し出してそれに従おうとする(ものである)。]

I suffered acutely both from the gradual loss of faith and from the need of silence.
[> 私は,次第に信仰を失うのと,そのことについて沈黙を守らなければならない必要性から,激しく苦しんだ。]

A dog's hearing is much more acute than ours.

an acute shortage of oil / an acute pain in the stomach
 出典:『京大学術語彙データベース 基本英単語1110』p.85]

The president is acutely conscious of the need for more doctors and nurses.
 出典: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.