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abort [ (vi) 妊娠中絶する,堕胎する;(計画などが)挫折する,失敗する; || (vt) 中止する;流産させる]

* abortion (n):妊娠中絶,堕胎;発育停止;失敗したもの
* abortive (adj.):早産の;発育不全の;不成功の、失敗した
* pregnancy (n):妊娠
I think that, If these beliefs were changed,the difficulties which at present make disarmament congresses abortive would melt away.

Infanticide and the sex-based abortions have drastically skewed the nation's gender balance.
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The issue of abortion is controversial.
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The space flight had to be aborted because of difficulties with the computer.
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This virus can cause pregnant animals to abort.
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