バートランド・ラッセル 英単語・熟語 d026

★ dominate (v) [支配する;(・・・に)優位をしめる]

* dominant (adj.): 支配的な;最も有力な;(群を抜いて)高い;(生物)優性の
* dominion (n): 支配(統治)権力,主権;領土;(英帝国)自治領
* domination (n): 統治,支配,制圧;優勢。

Since no man can be omnipotent, a life dominated wholly by love of power can hardly fail, sooner or later, to meet with obstacles that cannot be overcome.

At that time my dominant passion was desire for children, and I could not see even a child playing in the street without an almost unbearable ache.

Fear should be overcome not only in action, but in feeling; and not only in conscious feeling, but in the unconscious as well. The purely external victory over fear, which satisfies the aristocratic code, leaves the impulse operative underground and produces evil twisted reactions which are not recognised as the offspring of terror. I am not thinking of 'shell shock', in which the connection with fear is obvious. I am thinking rather of the whole system of oppression and cruelty by which dominant castes seek to retain their ascendancy.
[恐怖は,行動だけでなく,感情においても克服されなければならない。しかも,意識された感情だけでなく,無意識の感情においても同様に克服されなければならない。貴族主義的な道徳律を満足させる(だけの)恐怖に対する単なる外面的な勝利は,意識下で働く(作用する)恐怖の衝動を残し,恐怖の申し子として認識されない'邪悪なねじれた反応'を生じさせる。私は,恐怖との結びつきは明白であるところの,「砲弾ショック症(shell shock)」(戦争神経症の一つ)のことを考えているわけではない。私は,むしろ,支配階級が支配力を保持しようとするための(手段としての)あの抑圧と残酷さの全体系のことを考えている。

'Production without possession; action without self-assertion; development without domination'.

Blue is the dominant colour in his late paintings. / The Town Hall was built in a dominant position on a hill. / Alexander the Great held dominion over a vast area.
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As a child he was dominated by his father. / Man has dominion over the natural world.
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