★ sanctity【(n) 高潔,清浄;神聖;尊厳】

[語源] sanct 聖なる
 → sacred 神聖な; saint 聖人名; sanction 制裁措置(←清める措置); sanctuary 聖域


Owing to the antiquity of theology, much of it was only organized ignorance, giving an odour of sanctity to errors which ought not to have survived in an enlightened age.

Dirt was praised, and the odour of sanctity became more and more penetrating.

To those, therefore, whose ambition it is to die in the odour of sanctity, respected by bank managers, admired by friends and neighbours, and universally regarded as models of what a citizen should be, my advice is: don't express your own opinions but those of your boss.
[したがって,銀行の経営者から尊敬され,友人や隣人から賞賛され,市民はかくあるべしの模範と世間で見なされて,神聖な香りにつつまれて死にたいと望む人への私の助言は,以下のとおりである。  自分の意見を述べずに上司の意見を述べよ。]


the sanctity of human life
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There was an air of sanctity in the old church.
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If you talk about the sanctity of something, you mean that it is very important and must be treated with respect.
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