title>ラッセル英単語・熟語:A-67 ( anticipate 予期する;楽しみにして待つ;取り越し苦労する;先読みして処理する ) - Bertrand Russell のページ
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anticipate (v) [予期する;楽しみにして待つ;取り越し苦労する;先読みして処理する]

* anti = before , cip = take , → 「前もって取る」
* anticipation (n):予想,予期;先手(を打つこと)
I have derived from my children at least as much instinctive satisfaction as I anticipated, and have in the main regulated my life with reference to them.

The prospect filled me with horror, but what filled me with even more horror was the fact that the anticipation of carnage was delightful to something like ninety per cent of the population.

It was anticipated that commissions would be appointed by the Tribunal to prepare evidence in roughly five areas: ...

As I had anticipated my dismissal, I was ready to change my job.

The hotel room was much more spacious than we had anticipated.
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I anticipate trouble. / I anticipated his questions by having answers ready.
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I tried to anticipate the kind of questions they were likely to ask me at the interview.
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