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★ feasible (adj.)【 実行可能な,うまくいきそうな;もっともらしい】

* feasibility (n):実行可能性
* feasibility study (計画などの)実行可能性の研究
Above all, an attempt has been made, wherever this seemed feasible, to translate philosophic ideas, normally expressed only in words, into diagrams that convey the same information by way of geometrical metaphor.

After some years of work, spring tides proved that the project was not feasible and all the money that had been spent was as completely lost as if it had been thrown into deep water.
[何年か工事(work)をした後,その事業は'(何度か)大潮(spring tides 高潮)が襲ったため実行不可能となり,投資された資金はあたかも全て深海に捨てられたかのようにまったく無駄になってしまった。]

The third alternative, namely that of living in "open sin", is the one which is least harmful, both to the individual and to the community, where it is feasible, but for economic reasons it is impossible in most cases.
[第三の選択肢,即ち,「公然の不倫」(open sin)の生活をするという選択肢は,それが実行可能な場合には,個人にとっても,社会にとっても最も害の少ないものである。しかし,大部分の場合,経済的な理由から不可能である。]

a feasible plan / a feasible explanation
 出典:『京大学術語彙データベース 基本英単語1110』p.83

The enormous cost shows [indicates] that the plan is in feasible (=not feasible).

Your plan sounds quite feasible.
 出典:Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, new ed.