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assume (v) [(証拠はないが)事実だとする(考える),当然のことと思う,思い込む;推測する;(通例 assuming の形で)・・・と仮定して;引き受ける]

* assumption (n):(証拠もなく)事実だと考えること;仮定;憶測
* under an assumed name : 偽名で

In daily life, we assume as certain many things which, on a closer scrutiny, are found to be so full of apparent contradictions that only a great amount of thought enables us to know what it is that we really may believe.

It is customary in these days of psycho-analysis to assume that, when any young person is out of harmony with his environment, the cause must lie in some psychological disorder. This is to my mind a complete mistake.
[今日のような精神分析が流行っている時代においては,(誰か)若い人が(自分をとりまく)環境としっくりいっていないときには,その原因は何らかの精神障害(psychological disorder:心理的疾患)にあるにちがいないと考えるのが通例である。私の考えでは,これは完全な誤りである。

The police system of all countries is based upon the assumption that the collection of evidence against a suspected criminal is a matter of public interest but that the collection of evidence in his favour is his private concern. .

Today cars are so popular that we assume everyone has one.
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She assumed that boyfriend was late for their date because of car trouble.
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The distance is assumed to be about 50 miles.
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If he's not here in five minutes, we'll assume that he isn't coming.
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She would, he assumed, be home at the usual time.
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