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articulate [(v) はっきり言う,(考えなどを)明瞭に表現する;はっきり発音する;つなぐ || (adj.) 明瞭な;(発音が)はっきりした,歯切れがよい;関節のある]

* 音をつなぐ → 発音する
* articulation (n):明瞭な発音;明確な表現;関節接合
We visited the swannery and gardens at Abbotsbury where, by chance, we witnessed a peacock's nuptial dance, precisely articulated, one of the most enchanting and beautiful ballets that I have ever seen.
[私たちはアボッツベリー(注:Abbotsbury ウェイマスの北西10kmにある海辺の村)の白鳥飼育所やいくつかの庭園を訪れた。そこで私たちは,偶然,孔雀の婚礼のダンス(求愛ダンス)を目撃した。孔雀は羽を精確に操り,私がそれまでに見たなかで最も魅惑的で美しい踊りであった。]

But it has other forms which have more to do with school teaching, such as well-articulated speech, good writing, and correct performance on a musical instrument.
 出典:ラッセル『教育論』第三部 知性の教育_第14章「一般的原理

To the adult eye there was nothing to cause delight, but in the boy there sprang up a strange ecstasy; he kneeled in the wet ground and put his face in the grass, and gave utterance to half-articulate cries of delight.

Russia is so vast that the articulate few are lost in it as man and his planet are lost in interstellar space.

In all cultures the articulate use of language is praised and honored.

I find it very difficult to articulate his sadness to others.
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The baby is just six months old, but she can articulate a few words.
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She struggled to articulate her thoughts.
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