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★ frustrate (v)【欲求不満にさせる,イライラさせる;失望させる;挫折させる】

* frustration (n):挫折,失敗;失望;(心理)欲求不満
* frustrating (adj.):挫折感を抱かせるような,いらだたしい
* be frustrated at [with] 〜に不満を抱く
* be frustrated in 〜に失敗する
They did all that they could to frustrate our efforts to make them known.

And in that case the relation of parent and child will be harmonious from first to last, causing no rebellion in the child and no feeling of frustration in the parent. .

I remember vividly the first evening when she bathed me, when I considered it prudent to make myself stiff, as I did not know what she might be up to. She finally had to call in outside assistance, as I frustrated all her efforts.

The child became easily frustrated when she couldn't do the puzzle.

I got more and more frustrated because my PC kept on freezing.
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The students' indifference frustrated the teacher.
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After two hours' frustrating delay, our train at last arrived.
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