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apprehend (v) [(意味を)つかむ,理解する;逮捕する(arrest よりも形式ばった言い方)]

森一郎『(新版)試験に出る英単語』p.161説明: ap < ad = to , prehend = seize → 「〜を心につかむ,理解する」
* apprehension (n):気遣い、心配;理解力;逮捕
* apprehensive (adj.):気遣った,不安な;理解の早い

Rational apprehension of dangers is necessary ; fear is not. A child cannot apprehend dangers without some element of fear, but this element is very much diminished when it is not present in the instructor.
 出典:ラッセル『教育論』第二部 性格の教育 第4章「恐怖心」]

When I was called to Stockholm, at the end of 1950, to receive the Nobel Prize - somewhat to my surprise, for literature, for my book Marriage and Morals - I was apprehensive, since I remembered that, exactly three hundred years earlier, Descartes had been called to Scandinavia by Queen Christina in the winter time and had died of the cold.
[1950年末,ノーベル賞を受けとるためにストックフォルムに呼ばれた時, いくらか驚いたことに,文学賞であり,私の著書『結婚と性道徳』(Marriage and Morals, 1929)に対するものであったが,不安であった。なぜかというと,ちょうど300年前の冬,デカルト(Rene Descartes, 1596-1650.2.11)がクリスティナ女王に招かれてスカンジナヴィアヘ行って風邪をひいて死んだことを思い出したからである。

This is a painful dilemma for those whose patriotic feelings are stronger than their reasoning powers, but if it is not apprehended intellectually it will be disastrously proved by the march of events.

Moreover, those who deceive themselves generally know at bottom that they are doing so, and live in a state of apprehension lest some untoward event should force unwelcome realisations upon them.
* untoward (adj.):不都合な、困った
 出典:ラッセル『教育論』第三部 知性の教育_第14章「一般的原理」]

Interpol is trying to apprehend those international terrorists.

We waited for their decision with a great deal of apprehension.
 出典:『新版完全征服データベース5500 合格 英単語・熟語』p.291]

It's quite natural to feel apprehension before making a speech in public.
 (出典:『鉄緑会 東大英単語熟語 鉄壁』,p.611]

She was apprehensive about her son's safety.
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