title>ラッセル英単語・熟語:A-69( ambivalent 矛盾する,相反する) - Bertrand Russell のページ
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ambivalent (adj.) [相反する感情(態度・意味・価値)をもつ;あいまいな]

* ambi (二重の) + valent < value (価値) →「2つの価値の間で矛盾・相反する」【 equivalent 同等の/ambiguous 「2つのうちどちらともとれる(曖昧な)】
* ambivalence (n):相反する感情;どちらとも決めかねる状態,ためらい,迷い;(心理学)両面価値;矛盾,あいまいさ

There was, however, a moral ambivalence rooted in the nature of the Nuremburg trials and in the role of Justice Jackson. Nuremburg was a trial conducted by the victorious party over the defeated.

Her ambivalence toward marriage made her quiet.

have ambivalent feelings / Melinda is ambivalent about whether or not she should marry Tom.
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Many people feel some ambivalence towards television and its effect on our lives.
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