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★ fall into place 【はっきりしてくる、わかってくる、辻褄があってくる,腑に落ちる 】

As she entered the room, my ideas fell into place, and I dictated in a completely orderly sequence from that moment until the work was finished.

To begin with I did not understand the judge's decision but when I read the reports of the case everything fell into place.
 出典:『研究社−ロングマン イディオム英和辞典』p.382

It all began to fall into place when detectives found her will.
 出典:尾崎哲夫『私の英熟語帳を公開します!』, p.203

If things fall into place, events happen naturally to produce a situation you want.
 出典:Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, new ed.