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★ irrigation (n)[灌漑(土地に水を引くこと);(医)洗浄法]

* irrigate (v):(土地を)灌漑する,水を注ぐ(引く);(傷口などを)洗浄する

The man who by a scheme of irrigation has caused the wilderness to blossom like the rose enjoys it in one of its most tangible forms. .

My other contact with the (Australian) Government concerned irrigation. There is a chain of hills called 'Snowy Mountains' and there was a Federal scheme to utilise these mountains for purposes of irrigation.
[私とオーストラリア政府とのこれ以外の接触は,灌漑に関することだった。オーストラリアには「雪に覆われた山脈」(Snowy Mountains)と呼ばれるひと続きの丘陵地帯があり,これらの山脈を灌概の目的で活用するという連邦政府の計画があった。]

We may suppose that something similar occurred in Egypt and Babylonia when they took to irrigation and careful agriculture.

Artificial watering of land to promote the growth of plants is called irrigation.

Most of the water human use goes to crop irrigation.
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They have built canals to irrigate the desert.
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