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assassination (n) [(著名な政治家などの)暗殺]

` assassinate (v):暗殺する
As I read the press reports in regard to the President's assassination and, later, the purported evidence against Oswald and his shooting by Ruby, it seemed to me that there had been an appalling miscarriage of justice and that probably something very nasty was being covered up.

Imagine a scientific government which, from fear of assassination, lives always in aeroplanes, except for occasional descents on to landing stages on the summits of high towers or rafts on the sea.
[ある科学的な政府を想像してみよう。即ち,暗殺の恐れから、常に機上で生活し,たまに高い塔のてっぺんか海上の筏(いかだ)に設けてある浮き桟橋(landing stages)に降りてくるだけというような政府を,想像してみよう。]

When Alexander was twenty, King Philip was assassinated, probably with the connivance of Alexander's mother, whom Alexander loved dearly.

Gandhi appealed for an end to the violence that broke out after the assassination of his mother.
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the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
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