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★ fury (v)【激怒(rage);(戦争・暴風雨・病など)激しさ,猛威;興奮状態】

* furious (adj.):激怒した,激しい;(風邪など)荒れ狂う;猛烈な
There is a very real danger that, if nothing is done to check the fury of national passion, European civilisation as we have known it will perish as completely as it perished when Rome fell before the Barbarians.

On one occasion, in an access of fury, I got my hands on his throat and started to strangle him. .

After Studland various difficulties began to cause trouble. Alys was still raging, and Logan was quite as furious as she was.

At Moscow on the way home Haden Guest and I had a furious quarrel with Chicherin because he would not allow Allen to leave Moscow until he had been examined by two Soviet doctors.
[帰国の途上,モスクワで,ハーデン・ゲストと私は,チチェーリン(注:Georgii Vasilevich Chicherin, 1872-1936/チチェリンとも: 1918年から1930年までソ連の外務人民委員(外務大臣)を務めたソ連政府外交最高指導者)が2人のソヴィエト医師にアレンを診察させるまでアレンがモスクワを離れることを許さないと言ったため,彼(チチェーリン)と激しい口論をした。

What I felt as I listened to her was fury.

She was furious at him because of his stubbornness.
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The father was furious at his daughter who lied to him.
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It's no use trying to argue with you when you fly into a fury.

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